"Rosinka" products quality

  • Качество 1

    Rosinka drinks produced from the natural or identical to natural  domestic and foreign  raw materials.

  • Качество 2

    Storage of raw materials assured by creating the necessary conditions in  warehouses and industrial buildings.

  • Качество 3

    Each batch of raw  materials accepted with the following documents :  Ukrainian Ministry of Health  healthful conclusion , ISO certificate,  Compliance certificate and get through the physic-chemical and microbiological control in the laboratory.

  • Качество 4

    Quality control of raw materials, end products and  ministerial materials conducted in specially certified and equipped  laboratory.

Water quality is checked once a year by the Ukrainian scientific-research Institute of Medical Rehabilitation and Health Resort in accordance with the standard requirements for:
• Complete physically-chemical analysis
• microbiological analysis
• macro component composition
• concentration of the standardized components
• safety indices

Mineral water Sophia Kyivska, which is extracted from depth of 315 meters, is included in the State Register of mineral waters. Once a quarter the urban sanitary-epidemiological station executes the sampling of mineral water and the city water to check the quality compliance.

The product safety management system is on at the production.