Capri-SonneSuperdrink for superkids!

"Rosinka" is an exclusive Ukrainian producer that is licenced by German company Capri Sun. More than 40 years European parents choose Capri-Sonne drinks for their chlidren!

Why do children prefer this drink?

  • Natural ingredients

    Natural ingredients

    Аll the drinks are produced using natural juices, excluding preservatives.
  • Variety of tastes

    Variety of tastes

    Capri-Sonne offers wide range of choice of unique fruit tastes.
  • Convenient package

    Convenient package

    Convenient package allows taking Capri-Sonne for a walk and to school.
  • Produced for children

    Produced for children

    This drink is recommended by the Ministry of Health for children up to 3 years old.
  • Useful vitamins

    Useful vitamins

    Capri-Sonne drinks contains many useful vitamins that are essential for proper kids growth.
  • Promotional offers and prizes

    Promotional offers and prizes

    Our company runs interesting promotional offers on a regular basis with special gifts for real superkids!
Let's play exciting fruit game!

Convenient eco-friendly packaging

  • The lightest pouch in the world is even lighter than sheet of paper. It weighs only 4,03 gr

  • Soft and eco-friendly pouch sustains stable temperature and keeps stable quality of the drink.

  • Capri-Sonne pouch is super strong. It can hold weight up to 60 kg

Interesting facts

  • Capri-Sonne is produced in 23 countries and sold in 115 countries.

  • Distance from the Earth to the Moon and back forward is 768783.63 km (477 700 miles) or 7 107 000 000 Capri-Sonne pouches.

  • 10 thousand Capri-Sonne pouches are produced in Ukraine during 1 hour.

  • Each second 190 pouches of Capri-Sonne drinks are drunk in the world!

  • In 1979 Mohammed Ali, an outstanding boxer became the face of TM Capri-Sonne.

  • One of the most popular tastes - Capri-Sonne Champions is produced specially for Ukraine.