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The Day of Health together with the Rosinka Company and Capri-Sonne™!

08 июня 2015 Продукція
The Day of Health together with the Rosinka Company and Capri-Sonne™!

The Rosinka Company  has been invited by Diagnostic center to participate in this event in order to tell parents and children about the positive properties of high-quality products: juice drinks Capri-Sonne ™, mineral water Sofia Kievskaya ™, natural kvas Ukrainian traditional™ and carbonated sweet drinks "Rosinka" .

All children and their parents who attended this event listened with interest as a specialist of the Rosinka Company talked about the range of products, manufacturing technology, and presented delicious drinks.

After the presentation, many children happily took part in competitions of drawings and poem telling. It was very interesting for them to draw their own taste of juice Capri-Sonne ™ and make a poem about the Rosinka Company!

Day of Health was held in an atmosphere of good mood and positiveness. Happy children were drinking their favorite juice Capri-Sonne™, adults were satisfied with the quality of carbonated sweet drinks produced by "Rosinka", both children and parents were interested by the fact that the plant produces only natural drinks on a natural bases. All participates of  the event were delighted with the pleasant and rich taste of "Mojito" line, everyone liked kvass Traditional Ukrainian ™, and mineral water Sofia Kievskaya ™.

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