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Sophia Kyivska™ - from beginning till nowadays!

By its 55th anniversary  the Rosinka Company  presents an updated Sophia Kyivska™ in a modern design!

10 апреля 2015 Products
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Vodka KNYAZ ™ - From our table to Your throne!

Vodka KNYAZ ™ reveals the secrets of its premium quality and unique taste.

03 апреля 2015 Products
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Meet the new KNYAZ ™ in Ukraine!

"For strong state is insufficient troop levels and fertile land. Only the state is strong , which can be proud of having something  really special to put on the prince's table for a decent meal"

Yaroslav the Wise

KNYAZ ™- is a prime combination of traditional taste preferences of our ancestors and the most modern producing technologies.

28 апреля 2014 Products
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Vital kvas "Ukrainskyi"

Vital kvas... Kvas of vital fermentation... What is it and where we can buy it? How can it influence organism after consumption? What company produces real vital kvas?

10 октября 2012 Products
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New tastes of summer mood produced by Rosinka Company

We are glad to present you "Natsionalni trasytsii" - new line of soft carbonated drinks with juice that was created based on the classic recepies. 

24 сентября 2012 Products
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Meet an updated Sophia Kyivska™ in a modern design!

Look on the shelves the mineral water  Sophia Kyivska™ with a new bright label!

24 сентября 2012 Products