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Kvas "Ukrainskyi" - enjoy natural taste!

"Ukrainian" kvas - is a traditional drink which is produced by “Rosinka” for more then 50 –ty years.

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Mustang ™ - Charge yourself from the wild energy drink!

Mustang ™  is designed for those, who lead active lifestyles.

Get the wild power from the energy drinks Mustang™!

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Order now drinking bottled water "Rosinka" 18,9 l!

The price of one bottle is 48 UAH

FREE  delivery for two bottles !

Call and order water bottled water "Rosinka" 18.9 l right now: 0800 50 33 50

or feel free to contact us via the mobile phone 050 411 69 95.

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Kvas Traditional Ukrainian™ - natural and healthy drink!

Kvas Traditional Ukrainian™ is a natural and healthy drink.

Kvas Traditional Ukrainian™ is made only from natural ingredients: water, sugar, lactic acid bacteria, kvas wort concentrate.

Does not contain artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

24 апреля 2015 Products
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This year Rosinka company is celebrating its anniversary!

55 years of impeccable quality and customer care!

All this time we have been developing and improving the process so that everyone can choose a drink to taste!

Rosinka- it  is the best quality and taste for everyone!

17 апреля 2015 Company
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Sophia Kyivska™ - from beginning till nowadays!

By its 55th anniversary  the Rosinka Company  presents an updated Sophia Kyivska™ in a modern design!

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Vodka KNYAZ ™ - From our table to Your throne!

Vodka KNYAZ ™ reveals the secrets of its premium quality and unique taste.

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Rosinka changed the composition of the Company's officers

Supervisory Board of the Rosinka Company has made a decision to change the composition of the Company's officers.

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